Between pop and rural. Moleskine in China with the Bishan project

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Vector graphics combined with iconographic motifs from the rural tradition. This is the graphic appearance that the Bishan project presents to the world. This project is an artistic and social experiment created by Chinese intellectuals in the village of Bishan, Anhui Province, in eastern China. The goal of the project: to build bridges between the urban culture of new China and the traditional culture of rural China.

The idea stems from artist, writer and curator Ou Ning, presented for the first time on paper, within the pages of a Moleskine notebook, on the occasion of the Detour exhibit in Shanghai. 

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Intellectuals, avant-garde artists, architects, musicians, writers, directors, designers, students from large Chinese metropolitan areas, and rural artisans and artists have all been involved in the project. Ou Ning brings them all together at the Bishan Harvestival, the traditional harvest festival, in order to create new cultural connections and influences.

The Bishan project was exhibited at the Times Museum in Guangzhou (Canton) and at the Chengdu Biennale (Sichuan).

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