The Hand of the Architect

mano_conferenza_490.jpg [April 17th, 2009, Press Conference. Left to right: Stefano Boeri - Director of Abitare-, Matteo Schubert - AD alterstudio partner and co-curator of the exhibition -, Marco Magnifico - Cultural General Director of FAI -, Roberto Di Puma - Director of Publishing and Special Editions of Moleskine-]

378 autographed drawings by a group of 110 internationally recognized architects as a tribute to Piero Portaluppi, all proceeds go to Villa Necchi Campiglio.

On May 14th Moleskine took part in the auction of the first 78 notebooks drawn by the architects. The proceed of the auction will go towards Villa Necchi's own upkeep.
Moleskine bidded and bought the notebook sketched by the chilean architect Felipe Assadi.

Milan, April 18th - May 10th, 2009
Villa Necchi Campiglio, via Mozart 14
Triennale Bovisa, via Lambruschini 31
Abitare, via Ventura 5

Architects have always loved drawings: pencils, felt-tips (Renzo Piano's green one is his hallmark) and pastels are still the ideal instruments for getting early ideas down on paper.

The enthusiasm for drawing has no geographical or personal limits: despite of popoular belief, during the creative stage the computer always comes off defeated, as explained in the project, promoted by FAI (Italian Fund for the Environment), revealingly titled "The Hand of The Architect", as a tribute to Piero Portaluppi, the Milanese architect who designed Villa Necchi Campiglio (1932).

Beautifully restored by FAI, Villa Necchi it is now open to the public and will provide one of the three venues for the exhibition itself and the auctioning of the exhibits (the proceed of the auction it hosts will go towards its own upkeep).

Among the architects participating: Felipe Assadi, Gae Aulenti, Mario Botta, Aldo Cibic, Massimiliano Fuksas (also participating in Detour New York, 2007), Michael Graves (also participating in Detour New York, 2007, and A Week in your Life, 2009), Vittorio Gregotti, Zaha Hadid, Alessandro Mendini, Renzo Piano (also participating in Detour New York, 2007), Paolo Portoghesi, Matteo Thun.

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Moleskine has designed the catalogue in close collaboration with Abitare/Segesta.
In a scenario where recent releases on the topic of architectural sketches are totally absent, the undeniable contribution of this catalogue and its theoretical content make a point on the fundamental connection between creativity, project and design.
The release of the catalogue overlaps the launch of the new Moleskine Folio collection in A4 and A3 formats.
The catalog (288 pages) is accompanied by a 120 blank page Cahier to be sketched through and through.

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