Moleskine Words: surrealist writing workshop.

Moleskine-Words_490.jpgHow many stories can be written in 400 words? To find out, Moleskine is offering a surrealist writing workshop led by English writer Rachel Newsome. There will be notebooks, journals and 400 stamps with words and icons in a variety of colors and sizes, divided into categories: names, adjectives, verbs and icons on the subjects of travel, writing and reading, connected to the new Writing, Travelling and Reading collections by Moleskine. The words and icons can be arranged to create visionary phrases, micro stories, surreal expressions and paradoxes that people can use to decorate their notebooks.

Thursday September 8 to Saturday September 10, in the Atelier Moleskine, in Selfridges Department Store on Oxford Street.

Moleskine Words
Oxford Street - London
September 8 - 10
Opening time: 12 - 9pm
Live performance: 6 - 9pm

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