Moleskine x LEGO® Limited Edition 2014

Moleskine LEGO notebooks 2014
Little coloured rectangles have been the building blocks of creativity since we were children, helping us to think with our hands and imagine the impossible. Now LEGO  bricks join the Moleskine notebook in a new Limited Edition Collection that knows no bounds. 
Loyal fans will recognise this short film from back in 2012:

The 2014 Collection comes in a choice of white, red, blue or black, with a real LEGO plate embedded onto the notebook covers, which are decorated with sketches of LEGO bricks and figures. Sketch your own LEGO avatar using the guide printed on the inside endpapers. Use the LEGO brick stickers in the back pocket as a base for your ideas.
Moleskine LEGO notebooks 2014 Moleskine LEGO notebooks 2014
A fifth notebook has been produced exclusively for the Moleskine Store. With a subtle cover debossing designed especially for the stickers, your creations can live in the outside world too. 
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