Bricks and blank pages. New video with LEGO®

Two pilots flying towards the snowy moors, through blank pages yet to be filled, imaginary cities yet to be built. A paper and brick animation video presents a new limited series with the iconic LEGO plate set into the cover.

LEGO_235_01.jpg LEGO_235_03.jpg
LEGO_235_10.jpg LEGO_235_11.jpg

The plate is red, yellow, green or black, depending on the model of notebook. The inside pocket holds a special collection of LEGO stickers.

LEGO_235_08.jpg LEGO_235_09.jpg  

The video is made by Combocut Film. The set is a regular household kitchen; after the flight, you return to the ordinary land of reality. For grown-up children who have never stopped flying.

Available at the MoleskineStore, MoleskineUS and MoleskineAsia.

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