Leipzig City Notebook

Leipzig City Notebook

For the Leipzig Jubilee, Moleskine has designed a special City notebook, featuring the logo of the Alma Mater Lipsiensis and a timeline of its most historical moments over 600 years of activity on the cover and paper band.

It is a one-stop guidebook, encompassing several precious elements produced especially for this edition: 50 pages on the history of the University; a street map indicating public transport routes (day and night timetables) and the various university departments (specifying their details and indicating them on the map); a wide range of stickers, chosen in collaboration with the Tourist Board.

The special edition was presented for the event "How do I love thee, Leipzig" at Leipzig Café Neubau /Paris Syndrom, during the Leipzig Book fair, from March 13th to March 16th 2009.

The event involved important figures such as the writer Ulrike Almut Sandig , the Brand Eins journalist Mathias Irle, the author of the city notebook text e German Literature Professor Claudius Nießen , Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH's Marit Schultz .

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