Let your imagination loose with myMoleskine

Ever wanted to flick through the pages of someone else's Moleskine notebook, or wondered how to hack your planner so you actually get things done, or been struck by creative block and needed something truly inspiring? Let your imagination loose and dive head first into myMoleskine, the multipurpose online space for artists, scribblers, paper crafters and enthusiasts who use Moleskine notebooks to capture their creations.

Not a member yet?
Remember that you don't have to be an artist or professional to be part of the community and although myMoleskine welcomes creations in any shape or form there are many ways to interact that don't involve uploading artwork:
- downloading notebook layouts, bookmarks and paper toys from the templates section
- finding inspiration for your projects by exploring all the artwork
- connecting with people and artists who share your passion for Moleskine objects.


Limitless creativity
myMoleskine is about ideas taking shape on paper. Uploaded artworks include landscapes & cityscapes, portraits of people and animals but also experiments in calligraphy and patterns. Some are watercolors, others paintings, others still sketches and drawings covering all ranges of styles from still life to illustration.

The range of genres and mediums as limitless as the creativity they express. Just like the pages of a Moleskine notebook, myMoleskine is a blank space to use and fill with ideas, words, stories or pictures. Let your imagination loose and watch your identity unfold!

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