Life in a bag


Moleskine notebooks over the years have become one of the essential items for travellers. Since we asked you to post your images of " What's in your bag" on our Flickr group, it is clear the amount of passion underneath the wanderlust.

If you could start a journey, a neverending vacation and you could bring only a bag with you, which will be the 3 objects you cannot travel without?

We asked it to our Twitter followers, and as far as we had a lot of very interesting replies, we curated all of them via Storify.

You can find replies embedded below, but since they are very different and lighted up our and your curiosity, we thought to extend this initiative for some more days.

  The rules?

  • Send us a Tweet to the @Moleskine account. You have to list three objects you cannot travel without
  • Use the hashtag #lifeinabag so we can find your message over the twittersphere

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