How Moleskine Pens are made

In the video above you can view the intricate manufacturing processes of our pen collection, marking the debut of our new Light Metal Collection. Each component is made individually by different machines which sort, file and refine them to precise dimensions.

The Light Metal Collection brings a two-tone aesthetic to Moleskine pens and pencils, their metal body and black trim making for an elegant writing experience. As with all Moleskine pens they are refillable, so you only have to stock up on the ink. Switch between different colors whilst using the same pen.
At the start of the video, the beginning of the design process is shown through sketches and especially the way in which designer  Giulio Iacchetti  envisioned the pens to clip onto the notebook. Rectangular with rounded edges, in black or silver, the pens match other notebooks and devices in form and function. At the factory the machines create the tips, springs, tubes and lids. Once they have stopped their whirring, the pens are assembled by hand by a small artisan manufacturer in Turin. They are then tested in an oscillator, which moves the pens around in circular motions, creating tubes of color and line.
The Moleskine pens come in several variations: roller pen or ballpen. For fluid lines and a liquid effect, the roller pen is ideal, but for drier, thinner ink opt for the ballpen. Both come with either a click or a lid that can be clipped onto the cover of the notebook, so you never miss a thing. 
Available on the Moleskine Store Europe.
Video - Alvise Tedesco
Music - Painè Cuadrelli

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