Limited Edition: draw with Mickey Mouse

Three circles, one big and two small. 

This is how all Mickey Mouse drawings start: ears and head. A few lines transform, a set of geometric shapes combine, and a character is born. 
First drawn in 1928Mickey Mouse made his debut in Steamboat Willie, the first-ever cartoon to feature animation and sound together. Over the past 85 years, Mickey Mouse has become an icon in popular culture known for his adventurous, playful and mischievous characteristics. 
Celebrating the art of drawing, storytelling and design , the limited edition notebook includes a tutorial booklet on how to draw Mickey Mouse. "Keep his feet blocky and simple" and "Mickey stands 2 ½ heads tall": you can also find other instructions printed on the flyleaves . Learn new techniques and develop your sketching skills with Mickey Mouse as your muse. Don't throw away the paperband : it shows the evolution of Mickey Mouse as he grew up, from 1928 to present.
A world-famous concept which sparked from a simple sketch on paper, Mickey Mouse will guide you in your drawing endeavours. The notebook cover features a custom debossing of Mickey Mouse, smiling as ever.
Keep your eyes peeled on the Moleskine YouTube channel for the Mickey Mouse Limited Edition video, coming soon.  
The Moleskine Mickey Mouse Limited Edition notebook is now available for pre-order on the Moleskine Store and
Shipping starts on February 4th
On shelves in selected stores worldwide starting from 1st week of March

Print in MSK format