Lineage Bags Collection

Strong lines, strong heritage

Every object in the Moleskine family traces its origin to the iconic rectangular notebook. A new collection of bags pays homage to its origins and introduces interesting new perspectives.


Subtle yet distinctive, the ivory band at the base of the collection of Lineage bags tells the Moleskine story. More than a simple design detail, the delicate ivory line is the blank page of a notebook inviting you to fill it with your thoughts and words.


Moleskine is … The Lineage Collection is designed in Italy by Vittorio Venezia, who shares the pages of his own Moleskine notebook with us. Click on the pictures to see the photo gallery and catch a glimpse of his creative process. 


The Lineage Bags Collection comes in five shapes to meet all the cargo needs of the urban traveler. And with features that will appeal to anyone wanting to balance the desire to carry with them all the items they need with the urgency of finding them at short notice. Padded inner pockets protect laptops and tablets and smaller pockets provide fast access to notebooks, planners, mobile phones and keys.

The Lineage Bags Collection includes: Backpack - adjustable straps and a handle so you can grab and go. Briefcase - smart organization for professional creativity on the move. Reporter's Bag - key ring and two inner pockets for your essential nomadic tools. Messenger Bag - zipped inner pocket to organize your mobile workspace. Tote - spacious holdall to organize your life to suit your adventure. 

The Lineage Collection includes both Bags and Wallets. Read about the Lineage Wallets Collection here.

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