Live life to the full

Passions. The things in life you care deeply about. Not indifferent, not "take it or leave it". Passionate. The sort of thing that makes your day that extra bit better.
We believe you can never spend too much time indulging your passions. This is the concept behind the Moleskine Passions events, a series of gatherings focused on documenting, sharing and above all enjoying your favorite things.
Aficionados, connoisseurs and lovers of wine, the inaugural Moleskine Passions event is dedicated to you. Guests will be guided through a tasting session by Brian Quinn, wine expert and champion of the New York underground dining scene. With a Moleskine Passions Wine Journal and Tasting Note included in the ticket, you will be able to describe the aromas and varieties which you like best while developing your own flavor language. Fill in the blanks in the themed sections: record the region, serving temperature, grapes, nose and taste, and tag your notes using the stickers in the back pocket. Organize and collect your memories, then take your experiences with you in your Passions journal.
Inspire your palate and your mind. You might find the "remember" sticker particularly effective.
Moleskine Passions: Tasting Stories
Friday 1st February 2013
6:30 – 8:30pm
Astor Centre
399 Lafayette Street (at E. 4th Street), NYC

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