Live your journey, not your destination

This summer, take away more than what you take with you

Journeys are not always about getting from A to B, sometimes the best journeys are when what you take away is more than the sum of the items in your bag.

All Moleskine objects are born with journeys in mind - from the very beginning, the classic Moleskine notebook was a way for artists and writers to take home ideas and inspiration captured on the go.

Classic Backpack
Just like the original black Moleskine notebook,Moleskine bags are waiting to be filled with your stories.


No matter whether you go far or near, the items you collect in your bag chronicle your journey - a notebook fills with memories, a pouch with mementos, a pocket or wallet with ticket stubs, telephone numbers and snapshots. As you travel, your objects acquire new meaning, becoming uniquely yours, holding the keys to your special memories, thoughts and identity. Shop for a Classic Backpack on the Online Store here.

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Journey Travel Light
A new collection of travel lights for round the clock inspiration. Designed to be used on the go, you can clip the Travel Light on to your bike and activate the flashing LED function for your night rides, or stand it on your bedside table and make full use of the 360° rotation capacity to make light exactly where you need it. Point it into your bag to help you find things in the dark.


Light and essential the Travel Light comes with a USB cable. When fully charged has a 4 hour battery life so you will never be left stranded in the dark. Its original design and ability to snap on to virtually anything – from a book to a piece of clothing – will appeal to anyone seeking a portable and reliable form of illumination when on the move. Shop for a Travel Light on the Online Store here.

When you return from your travels and step back into your shoes, you might find your bag to be fuller than when you left. And your journey will live on through the contents of your bag. Whatever your destination, exotic adventure or daily commute, take away more than you take with you.

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