A leopard notebook for the Locarno Film Festival

64esimo_Locarno_490.jpgAn international competition with a line-up of some of the biggest names in contemporary cinema. The re-evaluation of genre films, filtered through the eclectic re-interpretations of the present. Each year, for eleven days in August, Locarno becomes the world capital of auteur cinema.  

This year, the 64th festival includes 270 works, feature films, international premieres, a retrospective on the great American musical director Vincente Minnelli and a tribute to Jafar Panhai. The Piazza Grande, the heart of the festival, will host, among others, actors Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, Ingrid Caven, award-winners Claudia Cardinale, Bruno Ganz and Claude Goretta (Leopard for Career Achievement), Abel Ferrara (Swisscom Leopard of Honor), Mike Medavoy (Raimondo Rezzonico Prize) and the two godfathers of Indian cinema, Kabir Bedi and Adoor Gopalakrishnan.

64_Locarno Film Festical_235_02.jpg 64_Locarno Film Festival_235_01.jpg

Moleskine is celebrating the festival with two special notebooks: a Classic Pocket notebook and a Film Journal. The outer band recreates the poster by Jannuzzi Smith, the first in a series of three dedicated to the "beauty and the beast" theme. The poster is divided into two parts, action and reaction, separated by vertical bars that suggest captivity and seduction. The girl and the leopard, in the words of Frédéric Maire «a pardo* that can move on screen», look directly into each other's eyes but are separated by two distinct projections making them recognizable only when looked at from two different positions.

64th Locarno Film Festival
August 3-18


*The Italian word «pardo», the name used by the festival for its awards, indicates a mythical animal distinguishing it from the savannah leopard.

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