Love comes in many shapes. Which is yours?

Love comes in many shapes and sizes but only one color. The shade may change – from scarlet to cherry, rose to berry, ruby to blood – to match the intensity of the feeling on a scale from friendship to passion. However you look at it, the color they describe is one and the same: red.

In the world of Moleskine red has a special meaning as it was the first color to grace the cover of the classic notebook that until that time had only ever been black. And to this day the classic red Moleskine notebook remains one of the most loved and appreciated items in the Moleskine family.


Today, Moleskine objects of all forms and functions come in red. From hard pouches that keep your items safe from bumps and scratches, to toolbelts that maximize the organizational capacity of your notebooks, to travel lights that illuminate your notes when on the go and device cases that protect your mobile office. Not least among the range of red Moleskine items on offer are the notebooks and planners with the unmistakable red cover in sizes ranging from pocket to large and different page layouts to meet all tastes.

Whether you are looking for a gift for a significant other, for your friends or family, an object with a red hue expresses passion, gratitude and brotherly love.

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