Luoghi comuni

luoghicomuni_490.jpg Luoghi comuni/ little migrating stories is an anthology of authentic and meaningful stories written in many languages by many authors, published on public billboards, of men and women of different ages, coming from 21 countries of the world.

The interviews have been collected in the cities of Milan, Turin, and other Italian northen cities by a group of psychologists, researchers and journalists.

The aim of the event is to suggest a novel way to re-think "common places": talking about the way of identity, symbolic images, strange languages, far from stereotypes that engender diffidence, transforming a hurried moment of distraction into the possibility of a smile and of complicity with the "Other-Alter".

The Milanese leg of "Luoghi comuni" is only a beginning: everyone is invited to participate with a personal story writing to These new voices will join the original nucleus travelling to other Italian cities (Roma, Torino, Padova, Verona, Bologna), on other means of transport, in other common-places. Moreover, the reaction of the public to the billboards will be recorded in videos and photographs, captured and set by Asinitas/Confini "Audiovisual".

A limited edition catalogue of the exhibition is available in Moleskine 9x14 cm format.
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