Mapping Moleskine around the world

Notebook, check. Camera, check. Where are you taking your Moleskine objects this Summer? Help us create a map of Moleskine around the world by contributing your photos of your chosen Moleskine tools in front of famous monuments, on the beach or in flight to the Flickr group. Then, help others follow your track by adding the location to this Google Map. All the instructions you need are below, along with some previous examples to get you in the spirit of summer.

Happy holidays!

Thanks to Daniela Fuggetta & Jessica Findley for making the video above on their holiday last year. 

Happy Holidays


1. First, go and log-in into this Google Map and click on Edit.

Moleskine-Around-the-World---490.jpg2. After that, you have to click on the placemarker and decide where to put it.

Moleskine-Around-the-World---Placemark490.jpg3. Once you have selected your place, give it a name and use the Moleskine custom placemarker to highlight it.

Moleskine-Around-the-World---Edit-placemark490.jpg4. Then click on My icons

Moleskine-Around-the-World---Moleskine-Icon490.jpg5. Once finished click Save and you're done!

Enjoy the adventure.

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