Artist's Cover Collection: Martí Guixé

guixe490.jpg Moleskine introduces its latest diary creation, a leather cover with hand drawing patterns, whose author is revealed on the back: Catalonian designer Martí Guixé.

Marti Guixé (1964) lives between Barcelona and Berlin. He studied interior and industrial design in Barcelona and Milan. In 2001, as a statement against the limited scope of the traditional designer, he started the ex-designer movement.

Sara Pittaluga interviewed him for Moleskine:

SARA: What is your relationship with time and organization? Are you the super organized kind of person or a fan of improvisation?
GUIXÉ: I am "strictly flexible and flexible strict", to conciliate duty and unexpected events. Because of my work responsibilities, I have to be very organized but also to improvise, because you always have to deal with the unpredictable. Both are in my agenda.



SARA: When you were a kid and a student, did you enjoy drawing on paper or there were other materials you preferred (I personally loved wallpaper, but my parents didn't support me much...)?
GUIXÉ: I tried a lot of different stuff, architecture paper, watercolor paper, and oil too, but finally what I love more is a good sketch paper and a ball pen.

SARA: If you had to suggest an unusual use of an agenda, what would that be?
GUIXÉ: I would love to use it as a wallet too.

SARA: Where does your Moleskine cover drawing come from?
GUIXÉ: The idea was to create a hand drawing pattern and to indicate the source in the back cover, in the shape of a man doing it.

SARA: Why do you think a lot of people often feel they never have enough time?
GUIXÉ: Time is a perception; it can change depending on the context. Moleskine should do for these people agendas of 26 hours a day, and 400 days a year! We need to work on our perception of time.

Martí Guixé Artist's Cover Collection is available in pocket or large size, Daily Diary or Weekly Diary, black or red cover. Inside, a set of 81 stickers he realized for Moleskine. Guixé contributed to lettera27 Foundation through donating a decorated Moleskine notebook to the Detour projects.

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