The pencil with a cap that attaches to your notebook

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Prized cedar wood surrounds the graphite, rectangular in cross-section -- like the notebooks -- with a matte casing, exclusively in black. Designed by Giulio Iacchetti, it recalls the shape of a carpenter's pencil: a work tool, now in the hands of artists, designers, planners and creative types, an inseparable mate to notebooks and journals which it attaches to with its special clip cap.

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3 mm 2B medium lead. The sharpener, specifically designed for this pencil, is included. The clip cap is the same as the one for the pens. The pencil can also be attached to a notebook with the special Pen Holder included in the accessories set sold separately, that holds up to three writing instruments.
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                        Pencil Set                                                       Pen Holder

Also included in the Writing collection are silicon rubber grips to improve handling and make extended drawing sessions more comfortable. They fit Moleskine pens and pencils.  

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Rubber grips for Moleskine pens and pencils

All the instruments in the Writing Collection are available at the Moleskine Store, MoleskineUS, Moleskine Asia and in select stores around the world.

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