Messages: the new postal notebooks

Moleskine introduces the Messages collection, a family of newly conceived cards , a hybrid creation combining classic notebooks and traditional greeting cards. A new video, created by the Gluekit studio, presents the new collection using a surreal infomercial in French Nouvelle Vague style.

Mesagges_235_01.jpg Messages_235_02.jpg
Frames from the video, by Gluekit.

The collection comes in two formats. The Postal Notebook, the notebook that becomes an envelope, is designed for people who love letter-writing and freehand creations. The side flaps turn the notebook into an envelope. The pages inside are blank, ready to be personalized with images, drawings, words and thoughts. The cover has space for postage and a mailing address. The second piece in the collection is the Note Card, a notebook with a separate envelope created for shorter messages.

Messages_235_04.jpg Messages_235_03.jpg

The notebooks in the Messages collection are available in pocket or large format, in six colors: maroon, dark blue, light gray, maize, terracotta and ecru. The cover is made of heavy cardboard with visible Singer stitching.

To decorate the Messages pages, you can find a collection of specially created MSK templates in the myMoleskine section of You can download them, print, cut out and stick on. There are seven subjects in a variety of formats: City, Message, Happening, Feed, Gift, Power, Idea, plus a blank template. You can download these here

For the templates:
Creative Studio&Concept Design: Playdesign

messages_template_2_235.jpg messages_template_235.jpg
                        Downloadable MSK templates to decorate the Messages pages.

Moleskine Messages are available at the Moleskine Store.

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