Moleskine at Milan Design Week 2017

Nomadic objects: from the classic notebook to the backpack

Travel, of the body and the mind, is at the heart of all of the objects Moleskine creates. Notebooks and backpacks are the ideal companions when wandering, rambling and exploring as they enable us to carry our plans, notes and items with us. But as they travel with us they pick up and carry inside them our stories, personality and identities too.

During the 2017 edition of the Milan Design Week Moleskine will delve into the idea of nomadic design. A series of events organized across various locations in the city, from the Moleskine Café to BASE Milano and touching upon the flagship Moleskine stores in Milan we will explore what it means to create objects meant for a modern life on the go.

The two iconic objects that best represent this concept of nomadic design are the notebook and the backpack. Their simplicity, versatility and popularity make them nomadic objects par excellance. The black notebook - pocket-sized and durable, created to collect sketches, thoughts and ideas when traveling or on the move. And the backpack, the natural evolution of the Moleskine notebook, with its rounded corners, solid, elegant design and its protective shell base that allows it to be set down on the floor/ground in any situation.

During our nomadic design event we will have two special guests: Giulio Iacchetti, the Italian designer who created the Moleskine Classic Backpack, and New York street artist Bradley Theodore, who will use the Classic Backpack as a canvas for his creativity.

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Moving Ideas.

(participation is guest list only)

During the party Bradley Theodore will paint the café window: live streaming of the performance will be available to everyone on Moleskine Facebook page and Instagram stories starting 7pm CEST/.

April 3rd, 7pm at the Moleskine Café, Corso Garibaldi 65.

Street talks, let's talk about street art.

A conversation with New York artist Bradley Theodore about art and other things.

April 4th, 12pm CEST at BASE via Bergognone 34 – register here.

April 6th, 6pm CEST at the Moleskine Café, Corso Garibaldi 65 -  register here.

From notebook to backpack.

A conversation with the designer of the Classic Bag Collection, Giulio Iacchetti, about design, travel and the creative


April 5th, 5pm CEST at BASE via Bergognone 34 – register here.


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