Milan goes to Osaka

osakaWalking through the streets of Milan in search of stories, characters and fresh perspectives to report on their Milano City notebooks. In 2008 a group of international new talents from Austria, China, India and Singapore selected from Domus Academy, the internationally recognized school of art and design, explored the streets of of Milan, host city the EXPO 2015, equipped with their City Notebooks.

The experience resulted in a series of decorated notebooks that became part of the lettera27 Foundation travelling collection. They have been exhibited in Istanbul, in spring 2009, as a part of the travelling myDetour project. A selection of these works is now exhibited in Osaka for the EXPO x EXPO event on Milano 2015, the international roadshow dedicated to the past and present of the Universal Expos.

September - 18 October 2009 at the Iron & Steel Pavilion of Expo '70, Osaka.

View notebooks exhibited in Osaka:

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