Mini Shells

To hold and carry those little objects that we use every day, the Moleskine shell is smaller than ever: 11 x 17 x 3.5 cm It's the new Shell Extra Small. Rubbery, semi-rigid and waterproof material, like the bases of Moleskine bags. Rectangular, zip closure, opens like a book.
Inside a modular space that can be arranged to accommodate your needs. A loop to hang a set of keys, a mesh pocket for tickets or earphones, an extremely malleable partitioning elastic. The new add-ons in the Travelling collection attach to your bag's shoulder strap with a velcro strip.
Available in the classic colors of the Shell collection, variations on the theme of orange and light blue, always with classic black. 
Available at the Moleskine Store, MoleskineUS and in select stores around the world. 

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