Moleskine at Musée Rodin

Auguste Rodin is known for his unique ability to get the supple and warm texture of skin, flesh and body out of the cold and hard medium of marble, creating sensual forms and elegant lines in his sculptures. But he was first a sketcher and painter. Moleskine was invited to create a Custom Edition notebook and Watercolour sketchbook for the Musée Rodin, the largest collection of Rodin's works.

A white outline of a female nude reclines in a sea of black, silkscreened onto the notebook cover. The design is derived from one of Rodin's drawings, echoing the strong lines and fluid contours in his work. A translucent paperband is gently wrapped around the sketchbook, just brushing the cover. Inside, blank pages are stirring, waiting to be filled with life drawings, studies and muses.

The female nude also appears on the paperband of the Custom Edition Moleskine pocket notebooks, in red and black. The museum's logo is debossed underneath. Watch how a solitary needle, tiny implements and a sharp eye create debossed designs for Moleskine Custom Editions in this video here.  

Look out for the Moleskine Musée Rodin notebooks in the museum shop and on their online store here

Images copyright Musée Rodin 2013. Photos by Jacques Gavard. 

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