Moleskine Bus hits Dak'Art

dakaropening490.jpgThe travelling notebook exhibition of myDetour 5x5 gets to the final stop, in Dakar, as an off event of the Biennale of Contemporary African Art.

The 25 decorated notebooks are showcased on a car rapide, a mini bus very common in the streets of Dakar. Every day the car rapide is doing "opening hopping" through the off events of the Biennale, cruising the streets from one art venue to the other.

The notebooks are displayed in transparent boxes with inner illumination, to contrast with the dark blue of the African night. The red exterior of the car rapide is decorated by Senegalese artist Henri Sagna, who scattered the surface with his mosquitos paintings.



MyDetour 5x5 is a non profit project supporting the lettera27 Foundation and the Kër-Thiossane Association projects for building a new Media Lab in Dakar, a hub for  emerging creative talents in Africa. 

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The myDetour 5x5 experience is narrated in a new collectable collection, out in June.

myDetour 5x5 Dakar, 6-11 May 2010.

Exhibition Designer: Lucio Lazzara, Zetalab

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