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The objects that Moleskine creates are made to inspire mindful travel, foster ideas and trigger exploration. A new capsule collection of trolley cases and travel bags designed for Moleskine by Bric's is no exception.

A travel toolkit designed for contemporary exploration, it includes bags and trolley cases of different shapes and sizes to fit all travelling needs, from informal weekend escape to overseas business trip, daily office commute to exotic holiday adventure.


Bric's began as a small craftsman's workshop near Lake Como, Italy, in 1952. Today it is a worldwide travel accessories brand. Their use of innovative materials, commitment to making objects that last and interpretation of travel as a way of life rather than a way to get somewhere makes them natural partners of Moleskine.  

Fabric and leather soft trolley cases for loose, informal trips, accompanied by backpacks and bags in various shapes and sizes for long trips, daily journeys and everything in between. The central strip that marks every object is a kind of identity timeline, while experiences and memories roll up in the pockets, ready to unfurl with each use.  


Each object in the collection comes with a customized Moleskine notebook in a special pocket labeled "my Moleskine notes": the inspiring journey yet to be taken starts on the blank pages of a book yet to be written.

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