Moleskine Video Favourites

On the favourites section of the MoleskineArt YouTube channel you can watch a selection of  videos spontaneously created by Moleskine users.
These videos can encompass mixed media and digital art: from stop motion animations illustrated on notebook pages, to the 'Moleskine song', where a hard cover pocket notebook is turned in a music instrument. Among the latest entries, a video created by a group of art students who cruised the canals of Venice to capture the essence of the lagoon city, a side project of the Detour/My Detour event.
Thumbnail image for youtube490bis.jpgHere (above) a frame from one of our favourites, a collection of 4 short experimental videos where illusions and expectations are challenged by a young artist.

What are your favourites? Take a look at the YouTube channel and leave your comments.

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