75 Tips for Perfect Notebooking

cover bis.jpgCustomization is the main focus of "Moleskine - how to use the legendary notebook. 75 methods of stimulating memory, imagination, identity", the new Japanese book celebrating the intimate relationship between life hacking, digital nomadism and the classic pocket notebook. It is devoted to giving tips and showing little tricks to improve organizational skills and increase productivity of Moleskine lovers, according to their own needs and taste. 245 pages of suggestions, information and drawings, from piercing your notebook, coloring it, snipping it, to adding flaps, icons, maps, pockets, combining it with analog and digital tools like the latest smartphones.

box x 4.jpgThe book, by authors Masatake Hori and Yoko Nakamuta, life hacking experts and Moleskine enthusiasts , is available on Amazon, Japanese version only.  

Print in MSK format