Moleskine celebrates Paolo Conte

Paolo Conte_490.jpgAfter two years of his latest music effort "Psiche", Italian singer and songwriter Paolo Conte returns to his public with "Nelson", a nostalgic still intriguing and ravishing album featuring fifteen new contemporary songs. Combining swing-jazz cadences, vaudeville riffs, French chanson and elegant melodies, this album explores into the musical, emotional and existential geography so close to the artist, conjuring up music of memories, sudden enthusiasms, and nostalgic recollections. "Nelson" is an album of sentimental journeys on the road to poetry that knows nothing of frenzy but is nurtured only by the breath of life, keeping its own time and its own rhythm for us to intercept. It is published by Paolo Conte's Platinum music label and includes lyrics in English, French, Italian and Spanish.
Paolo Conte_235_01.jpg Paolo Conte_235_02.jpg Paolo Conte_235_05.jpg Paolo Conte_235_04.jpg

Moleskine joined the release of Paolo Conte's new album with a special Soft Cover X-Large Notebook which pays homage to the 'maestro' talent. Silkscreened in orange the name of the songwriter along with the title of the album, and on the paper band, a small reproduction of the CD cover -hand-painted by the artist himself- featuring his beloved dog "Nelson" to whom the album is dedicated.

Paolo Conte is currently touring Europe, for further information visit his official website

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