Build your Moleskine ecosystem

Introduce your devices to Moleskine. Beyond the classic notebook, our objects are designed to be compatible and travel together as a complete toolkit, an ecosystem, for increased creativity and productivity on the move. From carrying and protecting to easing the transition from page to screen, these objects are well designed for many uses.
Now available, and with the same essential Moleskine design is a new case for the iPad Air 2 mini—our collection of Digital Covers is always expanding to cover the latest devices.
Our cases and covers are designed to fit a range of tablets, iPads, smartphones, iPhones, e-readers and laptops. They come in a variety of colors with a distinctive Moleskine design. 
The tablet and e-reader covers go beyond portability and protection,  they include a Volant notebook on the inside cover, fitting securely in the case opposite your device. This portable workspace brings together paper and pixels, and online browsing with offline note-taking.
Discover all the possibilities for your digital devices:

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