Moleskine loves Cinema

In the latest few years, Moleskine has celebrated the magic of cinema with a wide range of custom-made notebooks, featuring special editions dedicated to international film festivals and prominent film directors. Those include names such as Tim Burton, Mike Figgis, Spike Jonze and Detour Shanghai's author Zhang Yuan, as not to mention some of the hottest movie rendezvous like the Tribeca Film Festival, the Locarno Film Festival, and the Venice Film Festival. That's just a part of Moleskine's tribute to the Cinema, though.
SEP Cinema_235.01.jpg SEP Cinema_235_02.jpg
If you are a cinema addicted and keep thinking on movies, writing your own screenplay, or can't stop drawing settings and characters, Moleskine has conceived two different creative tools to give vent to your passion, the Film Journal and the Storyboard Notebook. The former, is a personal movie guide to fill with reviews and impressions, featuring an alphabetically organized section, a film festival list and 12 blank pages to set your imagination free. The latter, is perfect to script and sketch any kind of inspirations, availbale in two different formats with sequence of storyboard frames for drawing mini-stories. The larger version has 104 pages with 4 frames per page.

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