Moleskine for music

Italian singer and songwriter Paolo Conte, pianist Ludovico Einaudi, Israelian guitarist Yuval Avital and Chinese rapper MC Yan. What do they have in common with Italian singer Elisa, composer Giovanni Sollima and Iceland rock band Sigur Rós? Aside from being musicians and composers? They all have teamed up with Moleskine for limited-editions projects. Sometimes inspiring special notebooks with custom-made covers and paper bands, others sharing their artistic flair through Detour, the Moleskine exhibition where artists make public their private notebooks.

Music festivals and events are also inspiring for Moleskine, often becoming special editions: Haldern Pop Festival with its purple pop paper band is one, then the Woodstock edition conceived with 4 different covers and the more classic Montreaux Jazz Festival edition along with the Manhattan New Music Project custom-made notebooks. But there are more, many more. Can you discover the others?

In the meantime, if notes and lyrics are also they way you express yourself, the Music Journal and the Music Notebook, pocket or large, are perfect for jotting down harmonies, melodies and musical ideas.

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