The joy of university notes

Universities_490bis.jpg Beedie School of Business - Vancouver 

Do you still have your old notes from university? Usually these are writings that we keep in a safe place because they have great sentimental value. And often they turn out to be useful many years later.

To give these university notes the dignity they deserve, different schools from around the world have decided to include classic Moleskine notebooks in their welcome kits for new students: from the Università Ca' Foscari in Venice to the School of Visual Arts in New York; from Berklee College of Music in Boston to the large academies and business schools of Oxford and Harvard.

These notebooks and journals with specially created covers and bands, in a variety of sizes and colors, are work tools for taking notes, organizing ideas and content, summarizing concepts or outlining projects for an exam. They are blank pages for writing, underlining and highlighting that you can go back to again and again to re-read and study. Years later, long after university has ended, you can can hold these same pages in your hand and leaf through them, following their evolution.

Here is a brief selection of "university" notebooks from around the world:

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            School of Visual Arts - New York                                 Università Ca' Foscari - Venice  
Universities_235_05.jpg Universities_235_06.jpg
            Berklee College of Music - Boston                       Harvard Business School - Boston
Universities_235_07.jpg Universities_235_08.jpg
               Oxford Business School - UK                             National University - Taiwan

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