The Planners Collection gets larger. And smaller.

A video by Dutch visual artist Rogier Wieland introduces the new Planners/Diaries Collection 2011, with a sneak peek at the new entries , two new endpoints in the collection dimensional range: the Extra Small, a super portable organizing tool for people who love miniature design and small writing, available in six different colors, and the A4, made for desk use in an office environment. They are the smallest (2 ½ x 4 inches) and the biggest (12 x 81/2 inches) planners in the Moleskine catalogue so far, both hard cover, both in two different page layouts, daily and weekly.
Planners2011_235_01.jpg Planners2011_235_06.jpg Planners2011_235_05.jpg Planners2011_235_04.jpg

The Moleskine Planners Collection now comes to include 32 pieces overall, in a range of sizes, page layouts (daily, weekly, monthly), covers (soft, hard, black, red, other colors) and different combinations of scheduling space and space for free notes. They are designed to fit the portability and planning needs of people from all sorts of professions, and the most diverse cultural inclinations, thumbed through up to 20 times per day, 365 days a year.

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