Moleskine joins designers in Tokyo

TokyoDesignersWeek_490.jpg Tokyo Designers Week has become an annual fixture in the international creative calendar, with the city taken over by exhibitions and events on design innovations, ecodesign and new home living solutions.

This year marks its 25th anniversary, promising to be the biggest exhibition so far. Thousands of people are expected to pack the central Meiji Jingu Gaien venue , from October 29th - November 3rd. Among the most interesting events, the 'Professional Exhibition' for expert designers, the 'Cube Exhibition' dedicated to emerging designers, and the 'Container Exhibition' where designers create interactive contents that stimulate the five senses from various elements like light, imagery, sound and aroma, using recycled cargo containers.

TokyoDesignersWeek_235_01.jpg TOkyoDesignersWeek_235_02.jpg

Moleskine celebrates the Japanese designers week releasing a special pocket notebook with the logo of the exhibition embossed on the cover, custome made paper band and in blue stripes in the fly leaf, the symbol for this year's event. Moleskine is also taking part as a jury member to the design and art competition which will be held during the design event.  

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Tokyo Designers Week,
Meiji Jingu Gaien
29 October - 3 November

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