Portraits in New York

Moleskine-Portraits-US-490.jpgInteractive sound gadgets, installations for mirror portraits, sets for animated illustrations, psycho-tastings. Moleskine presents a new artistic-sensory workshop at Exit Art, a cultural center for contemporary art in Chelsea, in Manhattan . The central theme is the portrait in all its forms: through sounds, video, tastes, drawing, photography and writing. To describe ourselves through the places we visit, the images we share, the objects we cling to, the marks we leave behind, the tastes we savor.

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The portraits will be made collaboratively by artists and the public, using and combining various objects from Moleskine collections: bags, pencils, pens, notebooks. The performances are led by artists of different origins, including Emilie Baltz, Philip Stearns and Brian Quinn. For more information, click here.

Moleskine Portraits
January 30, 2012
Exit Art
475 10th Ave 
New York, NY 10018

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