Moleskine according to James Harkin

NicheBook_490.jpgIn his latest book Niche, James Harkin, an expert on international social and economic change, analyzes the case histories of different brands that stand apart from the rest for their marketing aimed at well defined niches, on a global scale. These include Apple, The Economist, HBO and Moleskine.  

In the chapter on Moleskine, the British journalist recounts how the beloved notebook of Bruce Chatwin has returned to stores and to the hands of contemporary artists and thinkers, finding its place between the old custom of note-taking and sketching and the evolution of the digital world with its blogs, virtual files and the Web.  

James Harkin is director of Flockwatching and contributes regularly to the Financial Times and the GuardianNiche is Harkin's third book, following his successes with Cyburbia and Big Ideas.

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