Moleskine Roller Pen. Writing in six colors.

pen_and_refill_490.jpgLong awaited and much desired by Moleskine devotees, the new Roller Pen has arrived, in black and steel, together with the other writing instruments in the Writing Collection.
The gel ink, created specifically for Moleskine notebook paper, comes in six colors: black, blue, green, purple, red and the unique shade of brown, perfect against the ivory paper. Small colored stickers are included in each package to personalize and identify the pens.

Roller Per_235_02.jpg Roller Pen_235_01.jpg
Roller Pen_235_03.jpg  Roller Pen_235_04.jpg
Available in fine 0.5mm or medium 0.7mm tip, the steel Roller Pen comes with a special notebook-shaped box that you can keep to hold objects.

Roller PEn_235_06.jpg Roller Pen_235_07.jpg

Rectangular with rounded corners, with a clip on the cap specifically developed to attach to the side of Moleskine notebook covers in a sleek and elegant fashion. The special penholder can also hold up to 3 pens or pencils.

Roller Pen_235_05.jpg Roller Pen_235_08.jpg

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