A big Social thank you!

Recently we have reached the flattering milestone of 10.000 followers on Twitter and 80.000 fans on Facebook.

We would like to embrace you in a big thank you for the passion shared through our Social channels, myMoleskine community and Moleskinerie blog.

Participating, networking and above all sharing give us the opportunity to interact with you, appreciating your ideas and feedbacks about new & old Moleskine creations. All this let us discover an entire world of passionates and amazing talented artists.

To those that still don't know about our online activities, here's a quick recap of where you can find us:

But if you want an easy way to access them all easily with just one click, explore the Moleskine Social Media Buzz page.

Update: We've reached 90,000 fans on Facebook and more than 12,000 on Twitter. Thank you again.

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