Moleskine celebrates comics at BilBOlbul

Bilbolbul490.jpg BilBOlbul, the international festival dedicated to the world of original comics, is back. Meetings, workshops, performances, screenings and exhibits are being held in museums, art galleries, cultural centers and bookstores in Bologna from March 2 to 6. National and international artists are featured with their works, many never before seen in Italy.  
A main attraction at BilBOlbul is a large exhibition (and related meetings) which provides an opportunity to rediscover and learn more about the work of a contemporary comics master known for his linguistic innovations and expressive force. This year's anthological exhibit is dedicated to José Muñoz, a major figure in the international comics world, along with another great influential voice on the Italian scene, Vanna Vinci
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Moleskine is playing its part in the festival with a new special edition; the cover bears the BilBOlbul 2011 image by Paper Resistance, a noted artist from the Italian underground scene linked to self-production and street art. Inside there is a layout dedicated to four artists from the exhibit Detour: James Jarvis, Steven Guarnaccia, Chris J. Dent and Salòn
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For further information on the festival, visit the official site

BilBOlbul 2011
International Comics Festival
March 2-6

Print in MSK format