Surrealist writing workshops in New York

Moleskine-Words-NYC_490.jpg400 words to write a story. Moleskine Words, the surrealist writing workshop, returns, this time to New York City. There will be notebooks, journals and 400 stamps with nouns, adjectives, verbs and icons on the subjects of travel, writing and reading, connected to the new Writing, Travelling and Reading collections.

Moleskine-Words-NYC_235_02.jpg Molskine-Words-NYC_235_01.jpg

Two days of experimentation and visionary phrases with Nathan Sensel and Amanda Stern, the creators of +Drawing+Models+Music+Beer+ and Happy Ending Reading Series, respectively, two of the most interesting events to discover young artists in NYC.

Held in the Atelier Moleskine inside the A.I. Friedman department store. November 9 - 10.
A.I. Friedman
44 W, 18th St - NYC
November 9 - 10
2 - 7 pm: open to the public
4 - 7 pm: creative workshops - Nathan Sensel (9th) Amanda Stern (10th)

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