Create the Moleskinerie logo

moleskinerie_home2.jpgSimple symbols are the perfect means to achieve a more direct, efficient communication.
Today you have the opportunity to create the logo of Moleskinerie, our offial blog dedicated to you and your passions for Moleskine notebooks.

How? It's simple, just read on.

Together with Designboom, a leading online design magazine, we have organized a contest to select the new Moleskinerie logo.

Everyone is invited to take part in the competition by submitting their original creation for their chance to win.

design_boom_moleskinerie2.jpgFollow these steps:

  • The deadline for submitting your entries is November 10th
  • A shortlist of the 100-150 best designs, chosen by a jury to be selected in the coming weeks, will be published at the end of November
  •  The winner will be announced in early December

Visit the Designboom website to learn more...and to find out the amazing prize you can win!


We would like to inform you that some terms of the contest have changed.

In particular the point #10, regarding the intellectual property rights of the participants: considering that these conducted to a misleading perception, apart from the winner who will get the final prize, Moleskine will retain no rights on any other entry.

  RESULTS UPDATE - November 30th, 2011

We would like to say thank you to everyone who took part in our Moleskinerie blog contest. We received over 2,000  beautiful and compelling submissions.
Discover the winner on

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