The Moleskine Monogram

Moleskine Monogram
Eight little squares with rounded corners come together, joined by a solitary M. Each of them is a window into a different world, an open platform capable of housing an infinite number of creations, imaginations and identities. This is the new Moleskine monogram: what can you see?
Designed by  Achilli Ghizzardi Associati, creating this flexible graphic symbol was a journey into the many different articulations of creativity. Some of us use just pencil and paper to express ourselves. Some have large supplies of paints, pastels and watercolors, some prefer digital methods. And for others creativity is a roll of 35mm film. 
Moleskine Monogram  Moleskine Monogram
What transpired is that it doesn't stop at paper: it is evident in the choices we make every day, from the  bag  we use to carry our tools and the appointments in our  diaries , to the  apps  on our phones and the  music  we listen to. This grid, simultaneously structured and organized whilst retaining an element of fluidity and movement, serves to  celebrate  all the different formats, media, methods and spaces which allow  creativity  and individual expression to thrive.
We're not giving too much away at the moment but look out for the monogram showing up as a frame for forthcoming videos on our YouTube channel and in lots more ways coming soon. 

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