Montreux Jazz Festival: Francis Baudevin designs the 2011 poster

Montreaux SEP_490bis.jpg
Blue, red, yellow, white and black -- these are the colors chosen by Francis Baudevin for the 45th Montreux Jazz Festival. Three circles in rhythmic sequence, inside a square, the symbol for this year's festival. This same design is used by Moleskine in its notebook dedicated to the musical event, a limited edition with a colored band inspired by the original poster. The arrangement of circles at 45 degrees represents the 45th Festival, but also the 45rpm single, with its circular hole in the middle.

Francis Baudevin is one of the most important members of Switzerland's contemporary art movement. This year he was the artist selected by Claude Nobs, creator and patron of this musical event, who has been bringing music and art together since the first years of the festival, each time collaborating with a different artist. Famous names who have created the poster's graphic symbol include Andy Warhol and Keith Haring.

Montreaux SEP_235_04.jpg Montreaux SEP_235_03.jpg Montreaux SEP_235_02.jpg Montreaux SEP_235_01.jpg

Stamped on the cover is the same abstract design in black and white, also repeated inside the notebook on the personalized flap.

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Montreux Jazz Festival 2011
July 1-16


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