Movie Sightings

When propmen are asked to "go and grab some notebooks for the set", they usually choose Moleskine notebooks. For us it is always a pleasant surprise to see our notebooks featured on film. It is not product placement, it just happens organically. We try and keep trace of all these sightings in a special section of Among them: Mamma mia! (2008 - image in homepage), The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Shall we dance (2004), The motorcycle diaries (2004), and Amélie (2001) (image here below).


(above, Amélie and The Devil wears Prada)

Moleskine notebooks also appeared in TV series such as Lost (2009), C.S.I. (2009) and Grey's Anatomy (2009). 

To report your own sightings, go here.

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