Multipurpose Cases. The bag add-ons.

Multipurpose_Cases_490_bis.jpgMade for organizing space and making it easier to move items from one bag in the Travelling Collection to another, Moleskine has designed these Multipurpose Cases, available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Pen Case. Black with a zipper, they attach to the inside lining with Velcro strips. 

These add-ons can be attached and detached so you can personalize your bag and always have everything you need with you. They can also be used as separate cases.

Multipurpose_Cases_235_04.jpg Multipurpose_Cases_235_03.jpg

Small Pouch               9 x 10cm
Medium Pouch         15 x 10cm
Large Pouch             23 x 15cm
Pen Case                 17 x   6cm

Multipurpose Cases can be found at the Moleskine Store, MoleskineUS and Moleskine Asia.

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