Behind the Scenes: Studio Mumbai and Dominique Perrault

Inspiration and Process in Architecture
Architecture is a profession that often reveals only the outcome of a long process. But what if you could peek into the notebooks of some of the most celebrated architects working around the world today? Inspiration and Process in Architecture is a series that offers a unique insight into the working methods of the likes of Wiel Arets, Cino Zucchi, Zaha Hadid and now two new titles: Studio Mumbai and Dominique Perrault.
Inspiration and Process in Architecture  Inspiration and Process in Architecture
Printed in a clothbound notebook with rounded corners, elastic closure and bookmark ribbon, each title offers a completely different perspective on the challenges of the design practice. Drawings are reproduced next to photographs, revealing additional references, curiosities and intentions. They allow you to make your own interpretation of their work; they overlap with ‘doing'. Through interviews, writings, sketches, photographs and plans the creative process can be followed from inception to realization. 
Each book is designed to allow a 180 degrees flat opening so the reader can enjoy high-quality images on warm matt paper. Whereas the Studio Mumbai notebook reveals a workshop-style approach that encourages collaboration and cross-skill working, the Dominique Perrault monograph shows how even unfinished works can become remarkable experiments.
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