Introducing the M.Use Box

MUseBox_490.jpgThe M.Use Box is the Moleskine pen and pencil box that drives your writing and drawing skills inspiring your every day creative process.
In fact, once you have built, it will be also the perfect place to store your pens, pencils and browser.

Download the M.Use Box, print it, cut it and build it, place it on your table and you will never again be short of ideas. Nor pens, of course.

How to build it
If you are looking for some help, here's the instruction about how to build your M.Use Box

MUseBox_imgHelp_490.jpg Create yours and share it!
Did you get excited and you now want to make your own M.Use Box with your own set of

Brilliant, you are one of us.

Download the Blank M.Use Box, print it and unleash your creativity.
Think about a story, a set of instructions or a little strip of comics and fill your M. Use Box with them. 

Whether you want to keep it, whether you like to give it away as a present, don't forget to share it in the myMoleskine Hacks area to give inspiration to our community.

Print in MSK format