Notebooks, art and museums

Limited edition for the Fondació Joan Miró, Barcelona

Moleskine has always worked with museums, galleries and art institutes around the world, creating special editions notebooks for them. Silk-screened covers which reproduce designs of famous works, stamped graphics, specially created colored bands. Each notebook is a tribute to the collections, the artists or the exhibit. Each custom work is unique and artfully crafted.

Here is a small selection of art notebooks which include, among others, the notebooks commemorating the Bauhaus exhibit at the MoMA in New York, the creation of a special art guide for the National Gallery in London and a limited edition for the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

museum-notebook-235-10.jpg casemuseomilano1.jpg
                   MoMA, New York                                                   Case Museo in Milan
TaccuiniMusei_235_01.jpg museum-notebook-235-02.jpg
                Musei Civici of Venice                                        The National Gallery, London
museum notebook 235_03.jpg TaccuiniMusei_235_03.jpg
               Palazzo Strozzi, Florence                                           SFMOMA, San Francisco
TaccuiniMusei_235_08.jpg TacchuiniMusei_235_07.jpg   
              Centre Pompidou, Paris                                         Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

To learn about how a special edition is made, watch the backstage videos on You Tube and Vimeo.  

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