Are you a Graphic Designer?

What essential tools does a graphic designer take with them wherever they go? A two-word profile will be generated based on the player's chosen objects in new game My Analog Cloud. Impulsive guru? Modernist dreamer? Or might you be a prophetic utopian…find out what the objects you select say about you.

Launching at the London Graphic Centre 18-19th September, My Analog Cloud invites graphic designers and creative types to construct a toolkit out of three objects: the things we  use on a daily basis that make up our analog clouds, physical things accessible wherever we are.


Large hard cover notebook, plain paper. Reporter bag. Green coloured case. You can also choose from a variety of other items that you feel define you: perhaps music, a film camera or running shoes. Place your choices on the sensors and wait as the machine generates your personal profile.


Will you be branded a flaneur, non conformist, traveller, or a hermit? Your profile will be printed out so that you can use it as a bookmark for your notebook. If you can't make it to London to take part this week, My Analog Cloud will also be coming to El Corte Ingles on Paseo Castellana in Madrid next month and further locations around the world.


My Analog Cloud | 18-19 September
London Graphic Centre
16-18 Shelton Street | Covent Garden

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